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Competitor Analysis

SEO Gibraltar use expert SEO tools and techniques to reveal priceless data on your market competition. Analysing this data allows us to ascertain precisely what your rivals are doing for their SEO campaign, and more importantly, what works for them, and what does not. This allows you to develop an improved strategy, so your web site can rise above the competition and gain a competitive edge.

SEO Gibraltar Competitor Analysis

Our Competitor Analysis Report comprises the following features:

  • content and structure analysis: key SEO attributes such as domain, titles, headings, meta data term targeting, sitemaps, source code optimisation for page load speed and much more
  • keyword discovery: which keywords are your competitors using? which terms are successful, and which ones could be worth pursuing for your site?
  • backlink discovery - detailed reporting of your competitors' inbound links: where are they coming from? How are they using them in their campaign? Which links give SEO value?
  • backlink analysis - domain authority, anchor text, relevance and many more factors which give backlinks SEO value
  • strategy evaluation - we evaluate your competitors SEO strategy, and provide you with a detailed report on what gives your competition its high search engine ranking, and make bespoke, specific recommendations on what SEO tactics are worth replicating on your web site, and what to avoid.

A Competitor Analysis is vital in any SEO campaign, as not only is it a way of uncovering priceless information on your competition's marketing strategy, but also sets a benchmark for your web site, and how to surpass it.

Competitor Analysis is included as part of our Web Site Audit packages, or as a standalone service. Contact us for more details.