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Keyword Analysis

Identifying keywords is the crucial first step in SEO. Selecting the right keywords will allow your business reach out to more potential customers and a wider audience looking for services which you offer. We generate keywords relating to your business' services, and develop our strategy accordingly according to popularity, competition, and effectiveness. Our Keyword analysis includes the following:

SEO Gibraltar Web Site Audit
  • Current keywords review: we analyse their popularity in terms of search volumes and competition.
  • Keyword comparison: between your web site and up to 3 of your real life competitors..
  • Competitor keyword analysis: if it works for them, it will work for you.
  • Expert keyword tools: to identify 100's of potential keywords that you may have not considered. Cross-analysis of real world scientific search volumes to identify the best.
  • Bespoke keyword strategy: specifically identifying the best keywords for your site, optimised for search volume traffic, competition and value.

Our Keyword Analysis Report will enable you to accurately and carefully target your online marketing strategy at the heart of online searches, and lays the foundation for your SEO campaign.

Keyword Analysis is included as part of our Web Site Audit packages, or as a standalone service. Contact us for more details.