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Visitor Tracking

Web site analytics consists of measuring, analysing and reporting of web site traffic data on its users, and their behaviour. In itself, visitor tracking is an important element of any web site marketing strategy, but it is vital in SEO, as it allows you to evaluate your SEO strategy in real time, and make amendments if required.

Visitor tracking allows you to collate and query data against different variables, enabling you to evaluate the success of your promotional campaigns, and identify which areas of your site require attention.

SEO Gibraltar Web Site Audit

SEO Gibraltar offer in-depth tracking reports, providing you with a wealth of data, and more importantly, a bespoke analysis including the following:

  • Traffic sources: how your visitors find your site - organic search results, PPC, referring pages, direct
  • Visitor data: number of visitors to your site, new visits, visitor loyalty, exit pages, bounce rates, and geographic location
  • Goal conversions: your visitor goals such as requesting a quote, making a purchase, booking an appointment
  • Search engine keywords: what keywords your visitors are searching for when they find your site
  • Visitor paths: how your visitors navigate your site, and find the information they are looking for

Our experience in web analytics allows us to compare and query the data, allowing us to make clear, actionable recommendations on how to improve your web site, and your traffic.

Visitor Tracking will enable you to make informed decisions on how to improve your web site content, services and products, allowing for an optimised visitor experience and improved conversion rate. Contact us for more details.