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Web Site Audit Report

SEO Gibraltar offers all-in-one site audits, providing you with a thorough technical analysis of your web site's strengths and weaknesses, and an actionable list of what is required. This is the ideal starting point for any business looking to get the most out of SEO.

Our report highlights these areas, in order to make them search engine friendly. SEO Gibraltar will provide you with a thorough report, ensuring your site is indexed by major search engines.

SEO Gibraltar Web Site Audit

SEO Gibraltar offer three packages:

  • Core - for small businesses, starter web sites.
  • Premium - a complete solution for medium-size business,
  • Elite - everything in the Premium package plus much more. For the business that is not prepared to leave things to chance.

See the chart below to see which package is right for your business.

Web Site Audit packages:

Core Premium Elite
Tailored for the small business or niche market A complete solution, covering everything to ensure you web site will be found by potential customers Everything in the Premium Package plus usability reporting and multiple competitor analysis
SEO checklist Included Included Included
Keyword Analysis Homepage Up to 10 pages Up to 20 pages
Tracking and Reporting guide Basic In-depth ROI tracking In-depth ROI tracking
Competitor analysis 1x In-depth analysis 3x In-depth analysis
Traffic analysis Detailed analysis Detailed analysis
Content Optimisation Template optmisation Full Optimisation
Guide to Social networking Bespoke guide Bespoke guide
Link building guide Specific Bespoke guide
Usability Audit Full usability Audit

SEO Checklist

SEO GIbraltar provide you with a bespoke, quick reference SEO checklist for your web site, which easily allows you to see what needs to be done, and how to prioritise each element.

Keyword Analysis

Our specialist tools allow us to uncover this precious data, allowing you to target your customers accurately. SEO Gibraltar provide you with clear, concise reports of the best keywords for your web site

Tracking and Reporting guide

We will advise you on how to easily set up your visitor tracking on your web site Tracking will allow you to uncover priceless data on your web site users.

Competitor analysis

Our expert SEO tools identify your competitors web sites' strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to develop an improved strategy to get your business to that coveted #1 spot on Google, and gain a competitive edge in your industry in Gibraltar.

Traffic analysis

Clear, meaningful data in an easy to understand format regarding your visitor traffic. SEO Gibraltar analyse where your customers are entering the site and from where (direct, search engine, advertising), and more importantly, where and why they are leaving.

Content Optimisation

Good SEO content must read well to your customers, but also to search engines. SEO Gibraltar provide full content optmisation, producing W3C Valid XHTML, structured pages. Your content will be optimised with your uncovered keywords, making your pages attractive for both your customers and search engines.

PPC guide

Pay per click can be very profitable as a constant stream of targeted visitors to your web site. However, this has to be done carefully, as a poorly planned PPC campaign can also be potentially incur losses.

Guide to Social networking marketing

SEO Gibraltar make full use of the power of social networking to market your business locally and internationally, as both a marketing asset and an important element of your SEO strategy.

Link building guide

Backlinks, also known as inlinks or inbound links, are pages linking to your site - this is the holy grail of SEO today. Search engines place great weighting in their ranking algorithms towards your web site's popularity, the most important factor in this being what sites are linking to it. Our guide will inform you on how to set up and execute a link building campaign, to help you gain popularity in a natural and ethical manner.

Usability Audit

Is your site easy to use? Are your products easy to look for? Using long established web usability principles and industry experience, we assess just how user friendly your web site is, and crucially, how to improve it. Good usability in itself is also a constituent on good SEO practice.

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