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Social Media Marketing

Social media is huge - and businesses all over the world are taking advantage of its vast marketing opportunites - both locally and globally, and should be a no-brainer when it comes to your business' online marketing strategy.

A social presence is vital for your business to maximize its outreach, and Social Media Marketing allows you to strategically target hundreds, thousands, or even millions of potential customers worldwide!

Our social media marketing packages allow you to create and showcase your fan base on Facebook, create a targeted following and establish authority on Twitter, and connect strategically with fellow professionals through LinkedIn - invaluable marketing channels for your products, services, activity, news, and much much more!.

SEO Gibraltar Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Company page creation and management: professionally designed company pages with tabs, welcome pages, videos and interactive content, and integration with company website
  • Twitter account creation and management: professional Twitter pages (for new 'Let's Fly' update), creating a targeted following using professional trending tools, #hashtag marketing, and integration with company website
  • LinkedIn Company profiles: creating company pages with company bio, products and services, connecting and networking with industry professionals, joining groups, creating a following and social presence within your sector
  • Google + page creation and management: creating and optimising Google + pages (yes this will be big!), company bio, products and services
  • Social Media advertising: creating facebook and LinkedIn ads, and set up of CPC campaigns using advanced user targeting tools to drive traffic to your website/company pages with full reporting
  • Social Media Marketing reporting: monthly reporting on social media profile statistics (e.g. new followers, likes, insights, etc)

All our SEO and Social Media Marketing services are bespoke - tailored to your business' goals and needs, making use of the latest professional social media marketing tools and strategies. Contact us for more details.